Cybersecurity Crossword


1. The worldwide global network in which an increasing number of computers communicate with each other           

2. An attempt to obtain sensitive information (e.g. bank details) from individual by disguising as a trustworthy entity           

3. A typewriter device that includes keys that the user presses to put characters into the computer           

5. An independent program that replicates itself across network connections, often clogging networks and information           

7. A secret combination of characters to conform the identity of the user to protect sensitive data


4. The protection of computer system and information against attacks

6. The process of translating normal plaintext into cipher text, which is unreadable without the ‘key'

8. Unwanted junk email sent in bulk

9. A malicious software program that tracks the user’s activities on the computer to obtain covert information

10. An unauthorised user who seeks to maliciously disrupt or permanently damage a computer or network


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