Cyber Crisis is a board game about cybersecurity, that is both creative and engaging for a wide range of audiences. Our board game has a unique storyline to pique the curiosity of the players as it aims to not only bring the whole family together but also to educate people on cybersecurity. Our board game is very interactive, allowing players to improve their cognitive skills and memory formation through the knowledge that they gain from playing, which will surely be of great help to them in protecting their cyber future.

Kids in Technology Class



The year is 2050 and the world is in chaos, trapped in the midst of a cyber crisis, the world is facing the greatest security threat ever seen! Global leaders have come together to find the greatest minds around the world and YOU have been recruited as a cyber agent to avert this crisis and defend the cyber future of the Earth.

The infamous and powerful hackers, the ‘Black Hats’, are working around the clock to steal personal data and government secrets by hacking into ‘The Supercomputer’ - and we need YOUR help. It is up to you that the Black Hats do not succeed. Agents, we are counting on YOU to stop the Black Hats. Should you fail, the consequences will be disastrous.  

In order to aid your mission, you will be sucked into The Supercomputer, where you will have to race across the motherboard to succeed, defending against any cyber attacks that you may encounter. The first agent to safely reach the end will be crowned the winner, and they will safeguard the Supercomputer to prevent another cyber crisis. 

Time is running out - hurry!

Good luck!

Why cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity plays a vital role in upholding the world as it is today. However, we felt that people nowadays lacked enough knowledge on this topic, considering that according to the MIT Technology Review, by 2021 an estimated 3.5 million cybersecurity jobs will be unfilled, and of the candidates who apply, fewer than one in four are even qualified. As a result, we believe that whether it be families, who want to protect their memories, photos and sensitive, personal information, or large companies, whose reputation relies on the trust they build with their customers and storing their data safely, it is important that we begin by resolving the main issue that humans are the weakest link in cybersecurity. 

Furthermore, we’re determined on promoting both diversity and equality, which led us to identify gaps in industries where women were underrepresented. From our research, we discovered that women only make up around 20% of the technology industry. Due to this shocking figure, we decided to focus on cybersecurity, in the hopes that in the near future, we can create gender equality in the industry. In this rapidly-developing digital world, we felt that there is an increasing need to educate children, adults and the elderly of how they can prevent themselves from becoming vulnerable to cyber attacks. 

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