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Who are you?

Metis is a student-run company, operating as a branch of Young Enterprise. We are passionate about increasing awareness of the importance of cybersecurity in the most enjoyable way. We believe that by educating the younger generation on cybersecurity through our board game, we can create a safer digital space, in a time where we are becoming increasingly reliant on technology.


What is Cyber Crisis?

Cyber Crisis is an interactive cybersecurity themed board game for the whole family! Cyber Crisis will help spread awareness of how one can protect themselves and their devices from cyber attacks. The aim of Cyber Crisis is also to promote the responsible use of technology so that young people can learn and use their talents to benefit and protect our society, instead of wasting it via illegal ways e.g. Black Hat hacking.


How much is it? Where can I buy it?

It is £20 for one board game, plus £4.50 delivery charge. We will be selling Cyber Crisis at many trade fairs around London; follow us on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook to see which trade fair we will be going to next. We also sell online on this website.


How do you play the game?

The aim of the game is to reach the finish line after safely defending against any cyber attacks in your path. By moving from checkpoint to checkpoint, you will encounter many hurdles along the way that you are sure to overcome, and learn from, as the main aim of the game is to learn about cybersecurity!

Why did we choose Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity is becoming a growing concern and will continue to be a serious issue in the future. Almost everything, from the toasters in our kitchens to the drivers in our trains, are becoming digitalized, due to the Internet of Things. As we become increasingly reliant on the technology around us, in this society, keeping safe online and being aware of the possible risks of technology is a critical step to creating a safer, more educated generation of young people. 

Who is this for?

Cyber Crisis is aimed at ages 7 and up, as this is the age that children are more likely to be more aware of their digital footprint and online presence and so will understand the concepts that are covered more easily in the board game. It is important to embed the message of keeping safe online as early as possible so that it becomes almost second nature to them, and more of a subconscious effort. However, it can be played by the whole family, as we believe that everyone, regardless of age, can learn something about cybersecurity from Cyber Crisis.


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