Grace Hopper

Grace Hopper was born on December 9 1906 and she passed away on January 1 1992. Grace Hopper was a computer scientist. She was fascinated by machines and began by taking apart alarm clocks to see how they work when she was very young. Grace studied maths and physics and went on to receive both a master’s degree and a PhD in mathematics at Yale University. She was one of the first women to receive a PhD! She then became a professor of maths and physics and in 1930, she married Vincent Foster Hopper. 

When the Second World War broke out she decided to join the Navy. During her time in the Navy, she was assigned to work on a special project and she was introduced to the very first computer, called Mark I. Grace worked hard to write programs for Mark I which helped U.S forces to decode secret messages sent by enemy troops during the war. She also worked with the Mark I and Mark II computers, where she helped to defend against computer bugs. Grace eventually became an admiral in recognition of her excellent work. 

She went on to work with UNIVAC on a large scale electronic computer which was considered to be much more complex than the Mark I. She continued to work all her life, even after retirement, as a result of her great passion and curiosity for computer science.

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