Jade Raymond

Jade Raymond was born in 1975, and ever since she was young, she had a great interest in games. She is a Canadian video game producer and is executive in charge of Stadia Games and Entertainment. She graduated from St. George’s School of Montreal, and later from Marianopolis College. Her first job was as a programmer at Sony, and later at Electronic Arts, where she helped work on the Sims Online, as well as working on Assasin’s Creed later in her career at Ubisoft Montreal. 

In July 2018, Raymond was recognised for “her trailblazing endeavours across her 20-year career”, with the Develop “Vanguard Award”, and 3 months later also received the “Pioneer Award” from the Fun and Serious Game Festival.

In March 2019, Jade announced she was Vice-President at Google, and then went on to create and lead Stadia Games and Entertainment, where she continues to work today, developing and refining games for Google.  Raymond is also on the board of directors for WIFT-T, an organisation that encourages women to work in film, television and screen-based industries.

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