Croydon Trade Fair

Having attended the Old Spitalfields Market trade fair, as well as selling at the engineering company Subsea 7, we recently promoted our product at the Croydon trade fair on Saturday 7th March. We were full of enthusiasm to advertise our product yet again, after gaining feedback from our past experiences with the public and the judges.

We were thrilled to gain even more positive feedback about our innovation, packaging and our trade stall. Additionally, we had our website on display for the first time to the public, which engaged many individuals as they could scroll through our many different features online. As before, the interaction at our stall helped encourage potential customers to purchase the product or to order online, especially after having a go at the game itself, which our young customers thoroughly enjoyed and showed excitement towards.

There were a few tech professionals (for example, from the National Crime Agency) in the area, and all were impressed by how we are increasing awareness of safety online, as well as highlighting the importance of having women join this industry. A judge similarly mentioned that we have successfully “ticked three major boxes”: being 100% sustainable, increasing awareness of the gender issue that is prevalent in this industry, as well as educating children on how to stay safe online. As a team, we are over the moon that these messages are being delivered to our customers through our product and we hope to continue encouraging these factors.

On our way to our trade stall, a board game café caught our eye: Ludoquist. We decided to donate one of our board games to this famous café so it is now available to play there.

After receiving constructive criticism from judges from past trade fairs, we have made necessary improvements that led our team to win best product! We are so proud and honoured to have received this award as it truly reflects all the effort that has gone into the development of our product.

Overall, we found it to be a very successful day; full of feedback which we hope to use to support our product further and we are looking forward to the more opportunities to come.

We are Cyber Crisis, defending YOUR cyber future.

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