Facebook Breach 2019

Having access to phone numbers puts users at risk of receiving spam calls and SIM-swapping attacks, which relies on tricking cell carriers into giving a person’s phone number to an attacker. With someone else’s phone number, an attacker can force-reset the password on any internet account associated with that number, putting their whole online presence at risk.

The exposed server contained more than 419 million records over several databases on users worldwide, including 133 million records on U.S-based users, 18 million records of users in the U.K, and another with more than 50 million records on users in Vietnam.

The severity of this security breach leads to users questioning their trust in this social media platform, which is especially concerning as we are surrounded by social media and applications that ask for our personal data. We would become less trustworthy of these apps as a result and therefore there wouldn’t be as many users, meaning a decreasing amount of people have a voice online to express their views, thoughts and opinions.

Ultimately, having vulnerable data being put into the hands of online servers puts users at risk every time an account is made with any social media platform, however the company should have security precautions in place to ensure full online privacy. From this we can learn why strong passwords are a requirement with online accounts and how we can minimise the amount of personal information we choose to show online: if it’s not required, DON’T GIVE IT! Enough security requirements need to be put in place by these large companies, such as Facebook, if they are to be trusted after multiple security breaches.

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