First launch at the Spitalfields Trade Fair

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

After 4 months of relentless work, on Wednesday the 12th February we were so proud to finally launch Cyber Crisis at the Old Spitalfields Market Trade Fair. It was an amazing experience, and we learned so much that will help us improve our product and company more over the coming months.

Much of the feedback was positive. Our trade stand was professional and eye-catching, drawing individuals in. The interactive nature of our stall, as the public were able to physically play the board game, helped encourage potentials customers to buy the game as they were able to imagine playing it at home with their family. Many tech professionals who worked in the local area praised the

‘unique and innovative idea,’ and even endorsed us on social media.

We also got some very useful constructive criticism around the use of social media, as well as some sales tips for the future from Apprentice candidate Dean Ahmad. We will integrate these into our future practices.

More than anything though, the amazing reception of the board game by the general public, who shared the consensus that it was a fun and competitive way to teach children and teenagers about the potential dangers and harms of the digital world, assured us that this was a product with great potential. We are so excited to continue developing this idea, and can’t wait for the challenges and

lessons the next few months will bring.

We are Cyber Crisis, defending YOUR cyber future.

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