How to keep you personal life private

How to keep your personal life private

With technology involved in every aspect of our daily life, temptation to post everything online is prominent . Our favorite meals. Our recent holiday. Our loved ones. This may seem like the ideal way to inform or boast to everyone about our daily life. But how often do we consider the price this comes at?


This advert by Barclays depicts how quickly our social media can be used as a weapon against us. People can string together fragments of data about our life and easily pretend to be us. Another scenario which depicts how dangerous our social media addictions can be is the correlation between people being robbed and them photos whilst on holiday. It provides valuable information to thieves on the house being empty, thus making it a prime target.

However I am not telling you to delete all your social media. I’m not telling you not to post on social media. I’m not telling you to be paranoid of every person who follows you. But all I am advising you to follow these top ten tips to keep your personal life private :

  1. Make sure your accounts are private. The whole world doesn't need to know what you get up to !

  2. Post holiday photos after your holiday, that way thieves aren’t aware of when your house is empty.

  3. Never expose your birthday or email address, that's generally all you need to access your bank account. (Yes this means no birthday posts)

  4. Have a separate email address for important things (such as bank accounts official documentation ). That way even if someone accesses your linked email account, there’s minimal harm done.

  5. Review permissions applications and extensions have, you never know if they’re taking information you want to remain private.

  6. Don’t upload anything you wouldn’t want a random stranger seeing.

  7. Only use trusted applications.

  8. Once you post something online it’ll stay there forever, so make sure it won’t negatively impact you in the future. Think how would my grandma/future employer feel about seeing this?

  9. Remember there are no secrets on social media - everything you do from dms to searches is discoverable.

  10. Think twice before connecting with anyone , interacting with strangers opens up many cybersecurity risks.

These steps (combined with common sense) will help you to maintain your privacy on social media without ruining the fun of it !

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