How to protect your data against data breaching

Data breaching is a serious issue that a business must avoid. Especially the businesses that keep and use their customers’ personal data, such as Facebook or Instagram, must prioritise the protection of the data.

These are the simple procedures that a business can take to avoid data breaching:

1. Keep Only What You Need.

  • Data that is out of date or not needed at the moment must be properly disposed of.

  • Data in use must be kept securely with strong encryption and protection schemes

2. Destroy Before Disposal

  • The data of the customers must be destroyed and removed from the company’s computers after a certain period of time, which is usually as short as a year.

3. Educate/Train Employees

  • In a company, it should be the culture to be aware of data security and to avoid mistakes that could lead to data breaching. The encryption and backup of data must be prioritised.

4. Control Computer Usage

  • When handling customer’s data with other companies, they need to make sure that their computers have the adequate security system to protect the data.

5. Secure All Computers

  • Every computer that handles and has access to the customers’ data must be at a high level of security. All the hardware and software programs must be encrypted and updated frequently.

  • Use appropriate antivirus and anti-malware software programs to increase the level of security.

  • Firewalls will also help prevent unauthorised access to the data, by examining all the communication of the system

6. Keep Security Software Up-To-Date.

  • Your security software should be updated and patched regularly, so that there are minimum weak spots that hackers can exploit for data breaching.

  • Increase password security and change them regularly.

  • Conduct regular tests and risk assessments to ensure that the security is kept infallible.

  • This minimises the risk that the hackers will discover the backdoor or find out the way using brute-force attack.

Recently, major companies around the globe have experienced data breaching as well, which all gave significant damage on their profits, brand image and reliability. A case study of data breaching will be introduced in the next post.

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