International Women's Day

Celebrating the 108th International Women’s Day, we would like to look at the female gender gap in technology. Since the birth of Ada Lovelace, the first ever female programmer, the number of female software developers has gradually increased, and reached more than 2,000 in 2018. However, the gender gap in technology is still to be closed. In 2020, only 23% of all STEM jobs in the UK and 26% of computing jobs are held by women.

Interestingly, many researches suggest that the wide gap between genders grows from the early childhood, and is affected by the toys. Boys are mainly exposed to cars, robots and blocks, which stimulate the geometrical brain; girls are flooded by Bobby dolls, makeup tools and colouring books. These are very good for the artistic brain but they might limit the growth of their scientific thinking! Toys are split into two genders, as clearly as blue and pink. Only 27% of all female students consider a path in technology, which is very low compared to 62% of males. Development psychologists suggest the link between these figures and the gendered toys, saying parents should not look over the impact of gendered toys on their children’s future.

METIS, as a student company made up of 26 females, has created a cybersecurity board game and aims to promote cybersecurity to girls as a part of technology. As well as keeping children safe online, we would like to bring girls closer to technology and make it less ‘scary’ for them. We hope that girls will become more important in tech, and Cyber Crisis brings a positive future for all kids.

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