Kingston Trade Fair

On the 14th of March, we had the rewarding opportunity of attending the Kingston Trade Fair which took place in the well-known Eden Walk. After having attended many other trade fairs, we had a lot of feedback that we had taken into account when setting up at the Kingston Trade fair. We were eager to meet more judges and hear what they had to say about our product.

The Kingston Trade Fair was overall an enjoyable experience. It was an opportunity for us as a team to show that we were taking on board the feedback from previous trade fairs and to promote our product to the public and a new set of judges. It was great hearing remarks from a new audience as we get different views and feedback about our product every time. We were delighted to win the best product award and have the judges appreciate that our product tackles an important issue in the modern world.

Our strategy of laying out our board games in a pleasing way meant that we attracted many of the public of all ages. Even if they were not interested in actually buying our product, we were complimented on our product and of our welcoming manner. We made sure that we displayed all the relevant information for our customers so that we could answer any of their questions easily. We also made our stand bright and colourful to attract customers and to bring about positive impressions about Metis and our product.

Some of the highlights of our day were meeting new people and selling to those who were interested in our product and had given us some great feedback that we were intrigued to hear. We also had the privilege of meeting the Mayor of Kingston! Another highlight for us was of course receiving the best product award as this was something we could take credit for as a whole team and for us to be really proud of. We look forward to having more opportunities like this and what the future holds for Metis!

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