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Updated: May 9, 2020

As a team, we decided to create social media accounts on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to further interact with our customers, and so raise awareness about cybersecurity and Metis. Our social media platforms proved to be very successful and enabled us to publicise any important messages or updates that our customers needed to know.

On our social media, we announced important notices or updates. We made sure to post regularly i.e. every week so that our followers did not get bored. Amongst our team, we had a rota to ensure all posts were up on time. One person was in charge of designing the posts, whilst others took turns writing captions. Our weekly blog posts consisted of information related to cyber security including interesting information on data breaching, the Computer Misuse Act, hacking and relevant case studies. Along with this, we also had posts about trade fairs that we had attended. Our Instagram stories were also utilised in informing our followers. We created highlights about "Product Reviews", "Upcoming Events", "Meet the Team" and "Cyber security in the News". We updated these regularly in order to keep our followers engaged.

Throughout this past year, we have also identified the trends in the customers who follow us on the different accounts. In Instagram, many of our followers were young people, who were teenagers or in their 20s, whereas, on Facebook, we interacted with more parents. Our Twitter account was used to connect with industry professionals and experts who greatly helped us with lots of constructive feedback and advice. We made sure through various methods, that we appeal to all these different audiences on our separate accounts.

Ultimately, our social media platforms proved to be very effective in informing our customers, keeping everyone updated and a summary of our journey as Metis.

We are Cyber Crisis, defending your cyber future.

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