Subsea 7 Trade Fair

On the 27th of February, we had the pleasure of attending a trade fair at the head office of the engineering firm, Subsea7. It was our second trade fair, after previously having launched our product at the Old Spitalfields Market, and after taking on board the valuable feedback from there, we were very excited to present our product once again to a new set of judges as well as professionals within the technological industry.

This trade fair was an incredible experience, as we were able to implement any suggestions and improvements from our first trade fair in order to promote our product successfully. Our board game was set out in such a way that it was easy for both the judges and the public alike to test out playing the game, which they found to be very captivating and enjoyable, and they were able to easily comprehend the process of the game and our message behind it. We were often praised for the reason behind why we created our product, with industry experts recognising the growing importance of highlighting cybersecurity within society.

Not only was our stand unique and well laid out, due to the extra care we had taken to ensure that we were able to display all the relevant information to our customers, whilst making the stand attractive and colourful, but we also had improved our approach to connecting with our customers on a personal level to highlight the ways in which Cyber Crisis can positively affect their lives. Our engaging and enthusiastic manner meant that we were able to win an award for the best sales team, which we are extremely proud of. We look forward to attending more trade fairs where we can continue to raise awareness of Cyber Crisis and take on feedback each time to keep improving our product!

We are Cyber Crisis, defending YOUR cyber future.

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