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Here at METIS, we take sustainability very seriously and therefore, we have ensured that our product is as environmentally friendly as possible. Our product is 100% recyclable, and our suppliers are all based in the UK to prevent damaging the environment through shipping across the world, which reduces our carbon footprint significantly. We are inspired by the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and have tried to follow each one where possible. As a company we have focused on the following SDGs, discussed below.


Quality Education

The aim of our product is to educate families, from children to adults, on the importance of cybersecurity. This way we can provide a life-long opportunity for people of all ages to learn about cybersecurity. We aim to spread awareness about e-safety and promote the responsible use of technology.

Gender Equality

Our company aims to promote participation in cybersecurity for everyone. This is because the technology industry is largely believed to be a male dominated industry. As a result, we have targeted our game towards people of all genders in the hope that we can encourage young girls to pursue an interest in cybersecurity

Decent Work and Economic Growth

By playing our cybersecurity-themed board game, we hope that for the next generation of young people, there will be more progress in increasing employment opportunities for the technology industry. Furthermore, we are all passionate about encouraging women in tech and so we hope that in the future, there'll be more women employed in this industry and also that the gender pay gap will be reduced to create decent work for everyone. 

Responsible Consumption and production

As a company we are very passionate about respecting the Earth’s resources and we have ensured that the materials are responsibly sourced and we are proud to say that our board game, Cyber Crisis is 100% recyclable, unlike many similar products on the market. In addition, we have sourced all of our components from UK based suppliers to reduce the negative effects of shipping across the world on the environment.

Climate Action

As a company, we have consistently used eco-friendly methods to combat climate change and reduce our carbon footprint. Despite the higher costs, we have ensured that all our suppliers are based in the UK, so as to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and pollution caused by airplanes and ships. Furthermore, our product is 100% recyclable, which prevents waste going to landfill sites and polluting groundwater sources. We realise the importance of protecting our environment for our future.


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